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We have a calibrated plan with proven methods and principles that produce results. 
4E: Explore > Evaluate > Engage > Execute DIGITAL XP
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Our product-focused Extended Development Center model provides solutions to your production challenges with our transparent and efficient “4E METHOD”.


  • We analyze your product and your production process to uncover technical and operational issues and inconsistencies.
  • By answering all the right questions, we better understand where the gaps are towards creating a solid foundation.


  • We use proprietary tools to determine data such as user engagement, customer satisfaction, average spend, customer acquisition, and any analytical errors that need to be addressed to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Knowing and recognising where the gaps are and implementing effective solutions that get the traction you to need to grow.


  • We generate a value map which is a strategic plan that codifies your goals (product, technology, financial) and clarifies exactly what we need to do to accelerate product reach, delivery, and overall company scalability.
  • By coordinating a proactive and powerful team that understands your client's needs we can help bridge the gap between the product and the consumer to create a smooth transaction.


  • Once we have fully analyzed your company’s operation and product, determined all the issues and assessed solutions, and generated a roadmap, we take action to produce the results that you want with team augmentation, real-time data, and transparent metrics.
  • We make sure to monitor all efforts and continue to enhance proactiveness within your operation so that your company runs like a well-oiled machine to produce the results you expect.

MPV Execute

MPV Execute

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