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Create your playbook for profit on smart datasets.

The volume and velocity of data generated by businesses is staggering. The challenge of the data tidal wave is to harness this overwhelming data power to propel your business at a pace faster than your competition.

We can help you surf this data wave with a range of data services that span across data migration, database administration, database development, BI solutions, data analytics and big data management.

Data migration

  • Version upgrade: Fail-safe transition to latest enterprise editions, features addition
  • DB platform migration: Assess and identify right plan, address compatibility issues, DB configuration and ensure seamless transition
  • Cloud shift: Assess right cloud platform, consider security compliances, migrate database artefacts and on-premise data to the cloud and implement scaling strategy

Database administration

  • High availability: Configure high availability solutions and disaster recovery with optimal use of replicas
  • High security: Design, develop and maintain highly secure data with appropriate access control, encryption and auditing
  • High performance: Automated check of system / DB / disk IO bottlenecks, index design & tuning and proactive monitoring

Database development

Architect from the ground up, looking at the data needs of your organization, now and in the future.

  • Analyze the multiple sources of data inside and outside the business
  • Structure a fluid and flexible data architecture to serve multi usages
  • Incorporate best practices for secure data processing
  • Implement industry standards in test & maintenance
Database Development

BI solutions

Assist your business decisions with data that transforms into actionable insights.

Data Integration

Data analytics

Ensure your enterprise takes well-informed business decisions by utilizing data analytics services that provide real-time insights for better business results.

Data analytics

Big data management

  • Data collection: Cost estimation, capacity planning and message broker
  • Data management: Master data management, cleaning and annotation, integration, aggregation and representation
  • Data analytics: Stream processing, data visualization, text mining, sentiment analysis and recommendation systems

We are data-minded and experienced to shape, channel and visualize data in ways that can add value to your processes and people. Do engage with AheadRace and explore how we can help turn your big data into big insights.