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Customers of today are time pressed and like to get more out of their applications with way less effort. We get it, which is why we dive deep into the interaction behavior in the digital space before coming up with design and architecture of mobile solutions. Working together, we can build off the interaction insights and implement the right mobile design to delight your customers.

Eco-system design

  • Device specific or agnostic approach
  • Incorporate insights from customer personas, usage patterns and psychographic profiles
  • Define brand experience in interaction terms
  • Define the success factors and metrics monitoring

Platform development

  • Architecture selection based on the expected digital experience
  • DevOps and Agile practice in development
  • Cloud or on-premise or hybrid-ready applications tested for security and performance

App analytics

  • Mobile BI framework for real-time data insights
  • On fly data-viz generation
  • Easy-to-use dashboards and reports

Solution accelerators

  • Best practices and mobile design patterns library to choose from
  • Cloud-based mobile testing lab for cost-effective, accurate and early insights into functionality, usability, security and performance issues
  • Mobile BI framework to integrate with external business objects and render in mobile-friendly interface
  • Data security framework selection and implementation to ensure enterprise-level, cloud-driven mobile data threats are handled in advance

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