Helping you become a data science company

Transform your business with on-demand data intelligence as a service platform.

We are a solution integrator for Qualetics Inc. Eliminating barrier of entry for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is the promise of our partnership. Our cminombined goal is to bring you intelligence driven by data to add greater value to your systems, processes and people.





Our partnership services

Automated & on-demand analytics

Use a dedicated web-based portal to automatically generate on-demand embeddable insights and visualizations.

Intelligence as a service

Offering data science and artificial intelligence services to you with the help of dedicated data scientists along with advanced tools and a library of industry specific automated routines to choose from.

Integrated data pipelines

Maintain non-stop, real-time and automated analysis by setting up data pipelines to stream secure data.

Platform highlights

Data ingestion platform

Custom developed data ingestion designed for constrained networks

Integration with apps

Integration of both visual insights and API based intelligence

API based intelligence delivery

Allows for integration with a wide variety of systems that can consume Rest API

Develop custom models & insights

Client owned and transferable

License pre-existing models

Consume from a library of pre-existing insights and models

Industry and domain specific models addressing different cases

Visual insights delivery

Custom designed visual insights to cater to all levels of users

Custom developed features such as share, export and monitor data

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