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The shift to cloud - partly or wholly - necessitates an organization to tick a range of checkboxes from current IT model, application architecture, cost structure, security management to delivery models, audit strategy, governance practice, disaster planning, data choices and much more. At AheadRace, we can help you assess each factor and help you embark on a journey to cloud assuredly with our 4-step plan.

4E Go Cloud strategy


Journey to cloud
  • Detailed immersion into customer operating environment and landscape
  • Chalk out pain points, business vision and operational goals
  • Validation of customer’s assessment of needs


Making the case
  • Assess technical status and cloud readiness
  • Identify assets that need to be retired, retained, rehosted, refactored, rebuilt or replaced in the cloud migration
  • Design a detailed roadmap and cloud architecture best suited for meeting business and performance objectives


The roadmap
  • Rapid prototyping to accommodate and iron out unforeseen issues
  • Test and verification along the build to check on quality
  • Commissioning of services in staged manner before application run from cloud


Getting it done
  • Migrate customer’s systems to the cloud
  • Monitoring, measurement, and management by our engineers
  • Optimization of services on cloud in-line performance requirements
  • Running cloud governance procedures to ensure compliance and secure administration

The road to cloud is marked with multiple decisions at each step and stage. The quality of choices made, measured and modulated will determine how well you can serve customers faster, better and in an improved manner. We can help you make and execute the right cloud choices.