Take your business forward

Consider the application problem holding your business back, solved. DIGITAL XP

Keeping business applications current or moving them to new delivery platforms or making a new one from scratch is a business choice. Be it retiring, refactoring, replacing, retaining or rebuilding - at AheadRace, we can help businesses implement the “and/or” application choice and run the same to meet the business model.

Application modernization

4-Stage process

Analysis of existing application

  • Understand the business ecosystem
  • Undertake comprehensive process review
  • Extensive technical breakdown

Gap identification

  • Features compilation and workflow analysis
  • Expected outcomes vs. current outcomes met
  • Users’ expectations across value chain

Proposed changes

  • Detailed recommendation of new version’s features
  • Technology upgrade plan
  • Component blueprint

Design, prototyping and coding

  • Start Agile in motion
  • Move and track story points in iterative bursts
  • Reconvene and solve issues as they happen

Application maintenance

Our application life & utility expansion practice analyzes functionality, interface and integration continuously. Extending life and usability of your applications, the practice brings operational stability, saved costs and quicker updates to market.


Apart from analysis of functionality and diagnosis of previous issues, the maintenance services also archive logic flow, component and dependencies documents. Other day-to-day tasks include static analysis of existing code, correction of systemic bugs, design and implementation of new features & functionalities.

Custom application development

Reduce operating costs and reaction time to market opportunities with tailor-made business applications.

4-Stage process


  • Application needs analysis
  • Business goals, technical feasibility and system expectations
  • Assess ways to reduce development time and costs

Design & development plan

  • Flowchart-modeling paradigm with clearly-defined milestones
  • Provision of optional design approaches
  • Consider trade-offs for optimal results

Rapid prototyping

  • Quick and iterative prototyping
  • Prototype key functionality and user interface screens
  • Early visibility into app look and behavior
  • Rewrite code for minimal rework

Code rollout

  • Software written in short high intense iterative cycles
  • Design and prototyping in sync with coding
  • Knowledge capture and sharing at each stage for risk-free development
  • Flexible and adaptive practices to allow grounding changes faster at low costs

Deployment support

  • 24/7 deployment stage support
  • Troubleshooting assistance post development
  • On-call support post rollout

With the right application and a well-maintained support system, watch your business flourish like never before.