Making the case for tech integration

Embrace automation and analytics for greater quality of service.

The legal practice is dynamic, contextual and complex. The information relating to clients and cases resides in various silos needing one to log-in to multiple applications: drafting, legal research, contract management, e-Discovery, due diligence, billing and IP management. Your access to relevant data means synchronizing across applications so you can make an informed choice leading to smarter decisions and better results.

At AheadRace, we understand that you need the right information at the right time and in the right format, delivered securely on any device. We can leverage your multiple data sources from across practice areas, build, deploy and run tailored analytical insights for you.

  • Co-relate data from across application silos
  • Leverage up-to-date analytical solutions, frameworks and tools
  • Get single view of “the truth” from across data points
  • Maintain a meaningful dashboard relating to case and client

We can help your firm in not only creating and running custom analytical apps, but also assist in looking at your current data practices. If need be, lay down the best data standards to adopt in storage, processing and usage.

  • Implement advanced, effective and secure data methods
  • Appropriate authentication and encryption protection
  • At-source, in-transit and point-of-consumption security checkpoints
  • Legal data lifecycle security maintenance

The data in your myriad systems has potential to provide new insights and opportunities beyond “what are the chances of case success?”. Unlock the power of this data to make your firm more efficient, effective and evolved.