Deploy effective, secure and scalable learner-engagement experiences to optimize your training needs

EverSmart LMS is a user-friendly learning system that is easy to deploy. It delivers effective learner-engagement experiences in a quick, secure and scalable manner. The device agnostic system keeps learner experience at its centre which enables you to optimise all of your organisation’s training needs in a seamless manner. EverSmart LMS is perfect for enterprises planning to upgrade their workforce, publishers looking to monetize their content online, and individuals in the coaching and mentoring space.



  • Easy to configure learning system
  • Scalable, stable and secure at pay-per-use cost
  • Conduct virtual classrooms, workshops & webinars live
  • Enables learning in a seamless manner, agnostic of device
  • Intuitive and usable design enables ease of use
  • Custom analytics makes it simple to build on insights
  • Enhanced training via virtual meetups and expert connects
  • Get learner lifecycle reports on demand


  • Train through multiple channels
  • Mix and match delivery mode for effectiveness
  • Compatible with third party communication software
  • E-Commerce enabled
  • Customisable dashboard in format of choice
  • Custom configurable to manage multiple requirements
  • Enabled with CRM and lead tracking

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Eversmart LMS

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