Get Your Applications In

Change happens: in your industry, in your business, and in the technology you employ to stay profitable. Your applications need to stay in sync with current realities: they need to withstand today’s security threats; they need to work with today’s operating systems and databases; they need to comply with today’s regulations; and their languages and architectures need to support today’s users evolving needs.

At AheadRace, we get the changing demands. We have made application modernization a core practice — which we conduct in four stages:


    Understanding the mission is the first step to application modernization. We begin by engaging with you in a comprehensive discovery process designed to answer questions such as:

  • What are your reasons for wanting to change the application?
  • What new features do you wish to add or change?
  • What existing features do you wish to remove?
  • We also conduct an extensive technical review, looking at factors like the application’s architecture, software and hardware dependencies, and underlying technology (coding language, standards, etc.).

  • When reviewing an application, it is also important to look at the environment in which it will be used. Has the market changed? What features do competing products offer? Have users expectations changed regarding usability and user experience? We answer these questions so that users will see the application as truly up-to-date and so that the application delivers the business benefits required as of today.
  • Given all the upfront and deep analysis, we will provide you a detailed recommendation for what the new version will look like: features, functionality, user interface, and technology implementation — in fact, all the issues which need to be decided before a final signoff can be made to produce the new version of the application.
Rapid Prototyping DESIGN, AND CODING
  • AheadRace employs an agile development process in which software is developed in short iterative bursts called sprints where prototyping, design, and coding coincide so that knowledge gained in one of these phases can inform decisions made in the other two — and also so that design flaws and usability issue are exposed sooner with less rework and expense.

Now is a great time to leverage all the lessons learned while using the application in its current form. We help you put that knowledge to work in a transformed application that not only preserves your existing investment and user base, but also takes full advantage of recent technology advances to add significant value to your business.