Your existing applications are a significant asset that should be protected. Not only did they require a major investment in time and money to build; but they also capture much of your organization’s institutional knowledge — the special practices and proprietary processes that enable you to get ahead and stay ahead in the market.

But just like other assets, applications age over time. As your environment changes, issues develop that make the applications harder to use or integrate with newer systems. Hidden bugs suddenly emerge. Application interfaces no longer work and may not be documented. And the people who built and supported the applications may have left the company.

But you don't have to replace what you’ve already got. You don’t have to spend that time and money all over again. You like how the applications performed. You don’t need to reinvent them. But you can extend their lifespan — with AheadRace.

AheadRace Extends the Life of Existing Applications

Analyzing — and, in some cases, even reverse engineering — existing applications calls for special skills. AheadRace has the special competencies and the crew for the special job. We partner with your internal information technology team, providing visibility into your applications’ interfaces, functionality, and internal operations — so you can continue to leverage these applications just like your other software assets. In cases where new functions, features, or interfaces are needed, we can also redevelop any software modules as an optional service.

AheadRace provides the following Application
Extended Life Services
  • Rapid High-level
    We analyze the overall application and document existing interfaces and functionality. That includes documenting how the application as a whole integrates with surrounding systems as well as module-level interface specifications. We also diagnose any previously known performance issues.
  • Module-level
    We document modules' logic flow and internal components including external dependencies.
  • Module-level
    We perform static analysis of the code and document any bugs found.
  • Module
    As an optional service, AheadRace will correct bugs found, as well as design and implement new functionality, features, and interfaces to keep your application in service.

One of the most effective ways to leverage your software investment is to continue to use what you already have. Extending current applications is often faster and less expensive than building from scratch — requires less relearning by users — and suits the organization better than the software you buy off the shelf.

Get AheadRace on your side and we’ll extend your application’s lifespan with new ideas that your users and your company’s bottom line will like.