Get Custom Application Development

We can help you build custom applications that are precise in functional capabilities, reduce operating costs, and allow you to engage with customers in new and more profitable ways. We cover the full range of today’s important development platforms and tools including Java, .Net, Open Source, mobile, CMS, app servers, and other technologies in areas such as e-commerce, core business apps, database development, business intelligence, and analytics.

AheadRace can help you along all the five stages
of the application lifecycle
  • We analyze your application needs in terms of business goals, technical feasibility, and user experience and suggest possible ways to enhance the application while reducing development time and cost.
  • Using a flowchart-modeling paradigm we design the actual application itself plus a development process and timeline with clearly defined milestones, all of which are focused on achieving the project’s stated objectives. In general, we provide three alternative application design approaches, allowing you to make the best tradeoffs and determine how to achieve the optimum overall result.
  • By quickly and iteratively prototyping key functionality and user interface screens, we can rapidly home in on how the actual application will look and behave when finished, allowing us to write the actual code with minimal rework.
  • In this stage the actual software that implements the application is realized in short iterative bursts (sprints). Note that in agile, design and prototyping coincide with coding, so that knowledge gained and decisions made in each stage inform the other stages in a rapidly iterative and cyclical manner. This means that “what you see is what you get” faster – so you can make changes sooner at less cost.
  • We don’t consider the application “done” until all issues have been resolved – some of which may not emerge until the application is deployed into the production environment. AheadRace works closely with you throughout the critical deployment phase to ensure everything continues to go smoothly and all design objectives are met.

Along the way, project leaders (including AheadRace senior management) carefully monitor and manage all work using our proprietary Continuous Knowledge Capture and Transfer (CKT) tool. In addition, we also provide you, the partner, with tailored project reporting and dashboards – so you have direct ongoing visibility into the progress of your project as milestones are achieved.

No two clients and projects are alike, which is why we budget project based on a deep discussion covering all aspects so that we achieve a win-win relationship.