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Organizations often win because they can answer important questions faster than other players in their industry can. These are questions like: “Given a change in materials what is the new breakeven price point based on projected sales volume?” Or, “What is the best time of the year to start discounting seasonal merchandise?” Or, “What’s the correlation between students’ test scores (or dropout rates) versus online course length?” The questions in your industry may be different but the challenge is the same. You have all your data locked up in different systems – like point of sales, financial, web tracking, and operations. What you need is the ability to unlock true business intelligence from all that data so that you can act quickly.

That’s where our Custom Analytics services can help. We say “Custom Analytics” because no two organizations analytics’ requirements are the same. We are specialists when it comes to developing tailored analytics solutions that precisely meet your needs – given your unique IT environment, operational setup, and market priorities.

WITH AheadRace, YOU CAN:
  • 01
    Correlate data across functional silos
  • 02
    Leverage the most up-to-date analytical solutions, frameworks, programming languages and other software tools (both proprietary and open source)
  • 03
    Maintain a single view of “the truth” across your infrastructure
  • 04
    Gain an end-to-end overview rather than seeing a slice at a time
  • 05
    See the impact of operational decisions in real time, using live information from production systems
  • 06
    Manage multiple business units and acquisitions from a single pane of glass
  • With our modern visualization tools and techniques you will see what’s actually happening now. You can easily compare different departments, time periods, sales regions, and marketing programs. And you will be able to set performance thresholds and quickly spot out-of-norm conditions so you can take corrective action in time.
    We also customize visualization in a way where you get maximum information in just a single scan. And by integrating predictive analytics with business intelligence you can see what’s ahead — based on performance trends in your business, competitive threats developing in your industry, profit opportunities appearing in your market, and more – now.